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Established in 1989 to provide an opportunity for skydivers in Victoria of all levels to come together and enjoy the best the sport has to offer. Relworkers is not affiliated with any drop zone but instead is associated with all drop zones throughout the state.
- Organised by Relworkers to give novice and intermediate level skydivers a good introduction to what 4 way relative is all about. This is also a great opportunity to meet skydivers from other DZ's with 4W4E1 attracting people from all over Victoria and even interstate. The annual 4 Way 4 Everyone event is organised by Relworkers to give novice and intermediate level skydivers a good introduction to what 4 way relative is all about. Teams are chosen from the pool of registered participants, according to jump numbers. In past years, teams have been composed of 1 Junior (~150 jumps), 1 Intermediate (~500 jumps), and 2 Open jumpers. An Open jumper is designated as the coach for the team, or an external coach is supplied. All team members have their jump numbers totaled, and a handicap system is applied to keep all teams "even". For an explanation of the handicap system please contact Gail Bradley as she is the only one who really understands it. The competition is then run between the teams, and handicaps applied to their scores before placings are determined.

Freefly 4 Everyone (FF4E1) - Set to help with the development of Free Fly in Victoria, FF4E1 is an event where beginners to intermediate freefliers have an opportunity to learn the basics of freefly relative-work with a coach.
Set to help with the development of freefly in Victoria, it attracts a wide range of people from first timers to people taking the opportunity to move to the next step in their skills development. With the the success of Freefly 4 Everyone and with increased interest in freefly competition, we are happy to announce that there will be a freefly competition in this year's League. Come along and gain from the experience of some of Victoria's best Freeflyers. With the development of the intermediate freefly dive pool, you will all have the opportunity to compete and improve your skills with the aid of some great coaching. This fun weekend is the perfect chance to put together your own Intermediate freefly team for the League.

Relworkers Skydiving League - Provides an excellent learning and competition environment, for both intermediate and open teams involved in 4 way. What better way to learn, than with the wealth of skydiving talent available in Victoria. This is a great step to take after 4W4E1 to keep working on those new skills.

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  • 4W4E1 Round2
    And another one of the traditional 4way for Everyone events, this time at Commando Skydivers. You get teamed up with a experienced coach, camera guy and compete over 3 rounds in a fun competition. Judging happens at the end of the day on the big screen. The Event is supported by the APF Fi fund and the VTPC so will cost you your normal jump ticket and $15 registration for non Relworkers members. Members are free. This event is catered for Novice jumpers, so get your Brels finished and participate. This is a great opportunity to get a team together for the State Champion ships and get the exits sorted out of the airvan.
    Posted 7 Oct 2016, 03:59 by Jan Nejedly
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